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Working with Model Objects

A model object is an object that is returned by any of the service APIs or an object required by the APIs for create and update operations. A model object is always decorated by the ModelEntity interface.

ALL Model Objects are Serializable and supported by a concrete interface


Any model object that is also decorated as a Buildable will always have an associated Builder and will always be able to be transformed into a builder for modifications.

Here are some examples:

Creating a new Model Object

Tenant tenant = Builders.identityV2().tenant().name("My Tenant").description("low usage tenant").build();

Image image = Builders.image().name("Ubuntu 12.04 LTS").diskFormat(DiskFormat.QCOW2).minDisk(1024).build();

Router router = Builders.router()
                          .route("", "")

Updating a Model Object that was retrieved or previously created (built)

tenant.builder().name("New Tenant Name");

image.builder().name("New Image Name").minRam(2048);


As you can see in the above examples any Buildable can be created via Builders and mutated via Object.builder()