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Images V2 (Glance)

If you are unfamiliar with an OpenStack image then you can think of it as a “virtual machine template”. Images can also be standard installation media such as ISO images.

NOTE: The Image objects shown in these examples are not from the "compute" model package but referenced from the org.openstack4j.model.image.v2 package.

Detailed information about how to use the Glance calls can be found in the OpenStack Glance V2 docs.

Creating, Reserving and Uploading Images

When an image (template) is created it is in what is known as a reserved state. A reserved state means we have reserved a placeholder but it contains no image data (uploaded media). The status will be marked as Queued when in a reserve state.

Create an Image

Image will be in queued state until image data is uploaded.

Image image = os.imagesV2().create(
		.name("Cirros 0.3.0 x64")

Upload Image Data

Payloads can be created with URLs, files, or input streams.

// Create a Payload - we will use URL in this example
Payload<URL> payload = Payloads.create(new URL("https://some/url/cirros-0.3.0-x86_64-disk.img"));

// Get image object to use, or send null
Image image = os.imagesV2().get("imageId");

ActionResponse upload = os.imagesV2.upload(

Download Image data

 File file = new File(new URI("file:///some/path/to/image.iso"));
 ActionResponse download = os.imagesV2().download(image.getId(), file);

Updating, Deleting and Querying

Updating an Image

Update an image by providing a changed image object, or a json patch object.

Use Original Image

Image image = os.imagesV2().update(
		.name("New Name")

Use Json Patch Operation

Image updatedImage = os.imagesV2().update("imageId",
		new PatchOperation(

Delete an Image

Permanently delete image.


Querying for Images

Pagination for images is done with url parameters as described here.

List all Images

List<? extends Image> images = os.imagesV2().list();

Get Image by Id

Image image = os.imagesV2().get("imageId");

Activating, Deactivating and Tagging

You can’t download a deactivated image. Additionally, only administrative users can view image locations for deactivated images.

Activation and Deactivation

Deactivate Image


Activate Image


Image Tags

Image tags are strings.

Add Tag

os.imagesV2().updateTag("imageId", "tag");

Remove Tag

os.imagesV2().deleteTag("imageId", "tag");

Image Memberships

Image memberships are a way to share a private image with other tenants. Those tenants can also be assigned rights to re-share the private image. Public images are available but private images require memberships for non-owners to access.

Querying Memberships for an Image

Get All Members

List<? extends Member> members = os.imagesV2().listMembers("imageId");

Get a Single Member

Member member = os.imagesV2().getMember("imageId", "memberId");

Create a Member (authorizing a tenant for a private image)

Member member = os.imagesV2().createMember("imageId", "memberId");

Updating a Member

Member member = os.imagesV2().updateMember("imageId", "memberId", Member.MemberStatus.ACCEPTED));

Removing a Member (revoking a tenant)

os.imagesV2().deleteMember("imageId", "memberId");


Glance tasks are intended to offer end users a front end to long running asynchronous operations – the type of operation you kick off and don’t expect to finish until you’ve gone to the coffee shop, had a pleasant chat with your barista, had a coffee, had a pleasant walk home, etc.

Create Task

Here the json object for input is created using a HashMap, but it can be any valid json object.

// Create json object for input
Map<String, Object> input = new HashMap<String, Object>();

// Fill with the input

// Create task
  Task task1 = os.imagesV2().tasks().create(

List Tasks

List all Tasks

List<? extends Task> tasks = os.imagesV2().tasks().list();

List all Tasks with Filtering

Map<String, String> params = new HashMap<String, String>();
List<? extends Task> list = os.imagesV2().tasks().list(params);

Show Task Details

Task task = os.imagesV2().tasks().get("taskId");