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Floating IP DNS Extension

The floating IP DNS extension (os-floating-ip-dns) allows you to manage DNS records associated by the floating IPs extension. Requests are dispatched to a DNS driver selected at startup.

For more information see:

Managing Domains

Lists registered DNS domains published by the DNS drivers

List<? extends DomainEntry> domains = os.compute().floatingIPDNS().domains().list();

Creating or Updating a Public Domain Entry

DomainEntry domain = os.compute().floatingIPDNS().domains().createPublic("", "project1");

Creating or Updating a Private Domain Entry

DomainEntry domain = os.compute().floatingIPDNS().domains().createPrivate("", "zone1");

Deleting a Domain Entry

ActionResponse resp = os.compute().floatingIPDNS().domains().delete("");

Managing DNS Entries

Finds a unique DNS entry for a specified domain and name

List<? extends DNSEntry> entries = os.compute().floatingIPDNS()
                                               .listByName("", "name");

Lists DNS entries for a specified domain and IP

List<? extends DNSEntry> entries = os.compute().floatingIPDNS()
                                               .listByIP("", "");

Creating a DNS Entry

DNSEntry entry = os.compute().floatingIPDNS()
                             .create("", "name", "", DNSRecordType.A);

Modifying a records IP Address

DNSEntry entry = os.compute().floatingIPDNS()
                             .modifyIP("", "name", "");

Deleting a DNS Entry

ActionResponse resp = os.compute().floatingIPDNS()
                                  .delete("", "name");